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I put so much thinking and time into how I can describe myself in the best way. The possibilities are endless. And conveying my whole personality in some words would be near impossible. But I like to think I came up with the best way possible! I see value in the future and the path I am paving. That is why I infused my essence into the logo you see on this page; the "TriCore".
My three cores are Curiosity, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. I urge you to discover each one and to dive deep into what drives me and keeps my fire burning.

Core #1: Creative

Creativity takes the center stage as the heaviest core. I like to search for solutions and ways that challenge my understanding and imagination. Contrary to what people think, I strongly believe that creativity is a learnable skill. So I devote a great deal of my consciousness in honing and improving it.

Core #2: Curious

Ask "why?" enough times, you will understand the world and its magic. I made sure to preserve and nurish that childish curiosity with which we were all born. What sets me apart is how rooted it is into my being. My curiosity drives my motivation and more importantly my determination, to reach above and beyond.

Core #3: Critical

One of my greatest aspirations is to become a leader in what I am passionate. A crucial part of that is Critical Thinking. I need to be fast and decisive. When people rely on your word, you word needs to be worthy of such trust. Here the other cores shine and help me reach solutions no one else could.

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